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Heavy Duty Wheel Bearing Installation and Adjustment

NTN Senior Applications Engineer, Corey DeDolph, demonstrates heavy duty wheel bearing installation while referencing TMC procedures “RP618: Wheel Bearing Adjustment” and “RP622: Wheel Seal and Bearing Removal, Installation and Maintenance”.

You will learn how to install heavy duty wheel-end tapered roller bearings, and how to measure and adjust for the proper amount of bearing end-play. You will also learn some helpful installation tips that will make your next wheel end job go nice and smooth.

Webinar: Heavy Duty Wheel Bearing Replacement:
A Technician’s Journey

In this webinar, originally streamed live on 7/17/2020, we take a look at heavy duty wheel bearing replacement.

Covered in this Webinar:

  • Finding the correct bearings for wheel end applications
  • Importance of selecting OE-quality bearings
  • Installing and adjusting wheel end bearings
  • Wheel bearing failure modes and causes
  • Optimizing the life of wheel bearings
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